Micro-bead Extensions

• How to

The micro bead technique is also known as the “I-Tip” method. Uses a tiny non slip micro bead to attach to the existing hair as parted. The tip of the extension looks much like a tiny shoe lace tip! The extensions are installed with a bead and string, NO heat, NO glue and absolutely NO MESS. Micro-bead extensions are semi permanent that last up to 8 months and even 12 months depending on up keep. 

• Maintaining 

Maintenance for micro-bead hair extensions is required once every other month! As your new growth grows out so do the beads! The beads are simply pushed up gently with a pair of custom pliers. 

• Why micro-bead hair 

I have personally struggled with being confident in my short hair, I love coloring my hair so my hair is very slow at growing. I have been using micro-bead extensions on myself for four years now, and I wouldn’t change it. The fact that my hair continues to grow and last as long as it does keeps me excited for the next set! 

• How much 

25 double bonded pieces (1 bag)....... $175.00


(Typical set on average hair starts around 4 bags)

Each strand of hair is 2 grams hand made. 
There are over 50 colors to choose from, mermaid extensions can be custom made to match any hair, natural hair, ombré hair, balayage hair and so fourth! 


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